Granite Slab for GTA Interior Design : Unique and Creative Ways to Getr a Striking Look!

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The trend continues to move toward using natural stone in home decorating, particularly in areas of the home that require a strong and durable surface.
Learn how to get creative when using granite slab for GTA interior design. Create striking and unique designs for your home décor.
The beauty of natural stone, like granite, is that it’s tough as nails while having a strikingly beautiful design to it. Granite is the most popular choice as it is among the strongest of the stones used in construction. There are many different colours and designs available to choose from. Patterns range from a basic speckled look of light pinks, to a shimmering array of crystallized patterns, swirling in different vibrant colours. The best way to buy granite is in slabs. When deciding on a granite slab, GTA buyers need to visit a showroom so they can see the whole picture. Going with a slab instead of a tile offers a uniform and seamless look that plays on the designs of the stone itself.
Granite, while durable, is not invincible! There are important steps to take to maintain and care for your granite. Given its strength, granite slabs are used in a variety of ways – from kitchen counters to bar tops to outdoor barbecue stations. Granite is able to withstand the elements of nature and is often used outdoors as well as inside.
That said, here are some important tips to consider when caring for your granite slab:
  1. Seal your granite countertop. Sealing gets into the pores of the stone and prevents staining from occurring. A quick test to follow is to drop a little water on the granite countertop. If the water drop is not absorbed by the pores of the stone, then your granite surface is sufficiently sealed. If the bead of water is absorbed into the stone, it’s time to seal. Think of a kitchen countertop and the possibilities for stains on the granite. Sealing your stone is the first line of defense against stains.
  2. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Brands that use acidic ingredients like lemon, vinegar, ammonia or bleach should be avoided at all costs. Use warm water with mild or gentle dish detergent for best results. Wipe up spills as soon as you notice them.
  3. Disinfecting your granite surface. If sealed properly, hot water and soap should be sufficient for sanitizing the area.
  4. Use specific granite cleaners. These cleaners are made specifically for granite and will work to give your natural stone a long lasting shine while maintaining cleanliness.
Using these steps will help you to maintain your granite slab. GTA homeowners should follow up their specific care questions with a natural stone dealer before purchasing to make sure the maintenance and upkeep costs are within their means.